Post & Rail

Post and rail fencing is a practical solution to keeping your stock in a safe environment. Post and Rail fencing can add another dimension to the look of your property. Defining your entrance way with a post and rail entry can greatly add that extra character to your property while also defining your property. There are many different post and rail combinations that can be used to suit the desired purpose and look.

Post & Wire / Mesh

Post and wire/mesh fencing is a practical way to manage stock, pets or simply defining your boundaries. This type of fencing is versatile and there are many combinations that can be built using plain/barbed wire, prefabricated mesh or netting and timber or steel posts.


Horserail is a safe, secure and durable alternative to post and rail fencing. Made from polyethylene and high-tensile wire, this set up can be complimented with the use of HotTop Plus which has the added benefit of electrification and is made using the same material as Horserail. This provides an incentive for the horses to stay off the fence and discourages reach-through behaviour which will extend the life of your fence. It is impact resistant and wont split or warp and requires no painting. Horserail is ideal for use on round yards, arenas or paddocks and has a life span of about 20-30 years.

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